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Munthe family history

Hans Ludvigsen Munthe, and his brother Ludvig Ludvigsen Munthe worked as Servants of the Crown under Frederick II when the brothers were about 25 years of age. They were approved as tugtmestre for the King's sons. 
The 2 brothers took security and counsel from their mother's sister and her husband, Barbara Paludan & hof preacher Christopher Knoff – both of whom came from Ghent. 

There was probably a close relationship between the emigrant families De Fine, Knoff, Munthe & Paludan, all of whom were refugees from Ghent and all worked for the Royal family. 

In 1585 Hans was appointed to the escort Munthe teacher for Crown Prince Christian also was his brother to Prince Ulrich. In the autumn of 1582 Hans was appointed parish priest in Tikøb. In this respect, he was married to the young Anna Catharina De Fine by Bishop Arnold De Fine. It is said that King's Hof musical director, Arnoldus de Fine, ordered a bryllupskantate to daughter Catharine De Fine's wedding with the young priest in Tikøb. 

The music to Catharine bryllupskantate was found in Flensburg, saved on a kirkeloft and on Latinskolens ceiling. The music was found/identified by Ole Kongsted in 1984. 

Ægteparret fik 4 børn:

1. Arnold Hansson Munthe – born d. 5. Additions in September, 1590; Magister 1617-associate professor at the School, in Lund, married Dorothea Jensdatter Svaning in 1622 – he died 26th March 1629 in Lund; 
2. Elisabeth Hansdatter Munthe, født 1593; gift med Engel Postfeld.
3. Ludvig Hansson Munthe, born (d) 2. august 1593 in Tikøb, Sjælland, Denmark; married with Ingeborg Sorensdatter Friis d. 17. September, 1624 in Lund – death of d. 12 March 1648/49 in Bergen. – Ingeborg must, after all the solemærker and tradition faith, be married in the Depict where she lived with his mother. They are probably been married at Bregentved gods, Tureby church or in Køge. 
4. Hans Hansson Munthe, født 1599; død d. 5. september 1601. 

Præsteparret and their son Hans died during the plague in 1601 (same day-with a few hour intervals it says), and Hans had so suddenly 3 orphaned children. 

Their uncle, clerk Ludvig Ludvigsen Munthe in Lund, got so it seemed to be the stepfather or as it was then Curator (Regent/guardian)-it to bring up the remaining 3 children to their potential. 

The family must have been very popular in Tikøb, because it keeps the memory of Reverend Munthe and his viv alive in the North wall is våbenhuset indmuret a Memorial of the family. 

Tikøb Church is a fairly large landsbykirke listed half-timbered at the end of the 12th century. Behind the building was probably the monks from esrum Abbey. The parish was one of the largest in the middle ages and the Church ministered unto an area immediately from Esrum Lake in the West to the sound in the East and North to Hornbæk.  

Ludvig Hansson Munthe

He was registered as a student at the University of Copenhagen d. 23. april 1613. The 11. may 1616, he took the Bachelor degree and was the same year, employed by the school in Lund. He ended in 1616, said his post up and was huslærer for eight Lindenovs sons. Together with them, he traveled to Germany and Welded and ended up in Sorø. 

After Anders Bagges death in 1625, he was summoned by the cartridge's Eight Lindenovs widow to take over præsteembedet in Borreby and Löddeköpinge in skåne, in which he paid præsteskatten 1626-1633. 

The 5. June 1634, he was appointed to the slotspræst at Copenhagen Castle. He was a preacher of King hof Christian IV up to the King appointed him to the Bishop in Bergen the 25. October 1648. He was in this Office inaugurated by The Bishop, Dr. Jesper Brochmann. He was Bishop in Bergen until his death on 12 March 1649. 

Ludvig Munthe view was a talented preacher and a zealous skolemand. He took with the zeal of the Latin school and the both Stiftets people's Christian information. Munthe view Catechism explanation, appeared in Copenhagen under the title «1644 in God's Word the first Alphabet ', and which at the date of the new was published in 1864 by Professor c. p. Gaspari. 

As Bishop in Bergen, he worked with force and skill, to his death, d. 12. March 1649. 

Ludvig Munthe was, according to a. c. Bank "a talented preacher and a nidkjær Skolemand, with Eagerness took care of both the Latin school and the people's Christian Stiftets information.  In the latter regard, in particular, it should be noted, that after Almuen in his Diocese, thanks to his President Bishop Paaskes energetic company had come so far that the young people had learned without ad on the fingers Luther's small Catechism, so he took to author an explanation about this to promote the understanding and Learning among Børnelærdommens youth.
This m. s Katekismusforklaring, published in 1644 in the exhibition of "Is the word of God first Alphabet", and published again in 1864 by Professor C P Gaspari, is drawn up in Orthodoxiens Spirit; It is both clear and warm in the tank, but not more than ufolkelig in formal terms.hobson's choice

Fra Dansk Biografisk Leksikon -

Han ble sognepræst i Tikjøb 1586. Han, hustruen og en søn døde af pest.

Hans Munthe was buried in Tikøb, Helsingør, Denmark. He was born 1560 in Lübeck, Germany. He was a son of Ludvig Munthe og Elisabeth Paludan. Hans Munthe married Anna Catharina Fine, daughter of Arnold Fine and Anna Pedersdatter, in 1587 in Tikøb Church in Denmark.
The second son of merchant Ludvig Munthe and Elisabeth Paludan according to his epitaph. No information is known abou t his early youth. At the early age of 25 he (as his brother Ludvig) worked as page-steward to the Danish royal cour t during the reign of King Fredrick II. He and his brother were approved as teachers and guides for his sons. There is good reason to believe that the two Munthe boys found guidance and support from their mother's sister Barbara Paludan and her husband court preacher Christopher Knoff also originally a Dutch emigrant. There probably was a close relationship between the emigrant families De Fine, Knoff, Munthe and Paludan all working at court. On 22 January 1585 by royal commission Hans was appointed to be Duke Ulrich's teacher to assist him with educating the little squires . Ulrich was the second oldest son of the king while Hans' brother Ludvig worked for the crown prince in a similar position. After eighteen months Hans was appointed parish re ctor of Tikøb between Helsingør and Gilleleje 20 June 1586. Shortly after this he married Catherine de Fine. They pro bably met each other at the court of the royal Fredericksborg Castle. After fifteen years in Tikøb, fourteen years of marriage he died at the age of 41, 5 Sep 1601. Also his wife and one son died during this period all victims of the plague. In 1608 an epitaph was erected by their children. 
The Anderson-Krogh Genealogy Abbrev: Lester Hansen 1956 Author: Lester Welhaven HANSEN Publication: Lester Welhaven Hansen, St. Petersburg FL, 1956 Repository: Name: Sutro Library Sverre Munthe
Norsk personalhistorisk leksikon. 
Ludvig Munthe (M) f. 1520, d. 1582 Ludvig Munthe was born 1520 in Ghent, Belgium. He was a son of Adam Munthe. Ludvig Munthe married Elisabeth Paludan, daughter of Hans Paludan and Barbara Rone, 1550 in Lübeck, Germany. Ludvig Munthe died 1582 in Lübeck, Germany. Mentioned as a merchant in the city of Lübeck by the Baltic Sea. He was in steady contact with the Netherlands merchant cities. At this time he was married to Elisabeth Paludan also an emigrant from the Netherlands. A merchant in Lübeck to whom the Munthes in Norway trace their descent. 
Sources: The Anderson-Krogh Genealogy, Lester Welhaven Hansen, Published 1956 by Lester Welhaven Hansen, St Petersburg FL.

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